Ideal for small business, InteliPhone Live Operators let you add an extra employee -- but only when you need it! By using our online Control Panel, or one of our free Smartphone Apps, you decide when and how to make our live operators 'available' to your callers.

Live Operator Basic Plan

*w/30 min/mo. 99¢/minute each additional.

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InteliPhone™ Live Operators: Your Small Business Seems Large

Our professional, US based operators will greet your callers with your company name and a script you've written. They can answer basic questions, provide directions, and take urgent messages for your business and employees -- as though they were sitting at your own reception desk. You can even share operator responsibilities by assigning operator calls to your staff, when they are available, and to our live call center when they are not.

Our custom messages fields allow our operators to collect other important information, besides name and call back number, to help expedite your response. Our operators can request account numbers, callback times, e-mail addresses, driving directions and more! Information will be sent immediately by text to your mobile phone, or to your e-mail address. You can also retrieve messages online in our Control Panel and from your Smartphone using our free Android App.

Start Service Now!

Provide a new level of service for your clients at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee with your own 24 hour live message center!


Considering a Live Service?

Our studies show even under the most extreme circumstances a percentage of your callers prefer, or at least, are willing to use voice mail instead of live operators. Moving just a fraction of callers to a less expensive service can save you a bundle! See how much you'll save on our comparison chart.

Blended PBX Standard Features