Step 1 of 2: Customize Your VoiceMail Service

It's never one size fits all with InteliPhone™.   

InteliPhone™ VoiceMail Service Basic Package Includes:
  • One VoiceMailbox
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • Online Administration
  • Phone/E-Mail/Web Message Retrieval

  • $9.95/month

    Choose Customization Options to create a service that's just right for you:

        Choose Number of Voice Mailboxes:
        Basic Service (One Mailbox) [Standard]
      Enterprise Service (Includes Menu and up to 10 Extensions/Mailboxes) [Add $10/month]

        Choose Telephone Number Type:
        Local Number in any of 6000 US Cities [Standard]
      Toll-Free 888/877/866 # [Standard]
        Toll-Free True 800 # [Add $5/month]
      Canadian Local Number [Add $ 5/month]
      European Local Number [Add $10/month]

        Choose Term and Number of Calls: 
      1 Month or 150 calls
      6 Months or 900 calls -- Save $3/month
    12 Months or 1800 calls -- Save $5/month

        Professional Recording for Outgoing Greetings:
        Not Purchased [Standard]
        One Recording Session [Add $35 one-time fee.]

        Add Fax to E-Mail Service:
        No Fax [Standard]
        Fax to E-Mail [Add $5/month + $10 Usage Deposit]

    Today's Charge:

    $ (plus $0.75 Tax)

    Effective Monthly Service Fee: $9.95/month
    Risk Free. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    If within the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money -- no questions asked